Prestashop is one of the most popular e-commerce software which is available for free of cost. Prestashop was founded in 2007 in Paris , France to provide the best e-commerce solution to the small size of businesses organization. This e-commerce platform is built for creating, launching and managing a successful online store without any license fees. Prestashop was built up by using PHP code and MySQL data management for Web 2.0. It also supports various payment gateways such as Google Checkout and PayPal. Prestashop is more efficient than any other eCommerce platform and easy to understand.

Prestashop e-commerce provides more flexibility in terms of customization of admin panel for improving the e-commerce store features. Also, Prestashop requires very less server resources as compared to other e-commerce shopping carts. Therefore, nowadays Prestashop become one of the best e-commerce platform for small to medium size businesses.

Some of the biggest Advantages & Benefits of using Prestashop eCommerce are :

  1. Comparatively easy to setup and maintain.
  2. Comparatively less complex and easy to use and understand.
  3. More suitable for multi-language websites.
  4. Back end interface is very much appealing.
  5. Easy to customize and develop modules
  6. Official store has a lot of trustworthy and secure modules.
  7. Debugging is much easy here.
  8. Development cost is less expensive here.
  9. Fewer server resources are required for Prestashop store.
  10. The version upgrade is not a pain.
  11. Highly active forum to get quick help

Main features of Prestashop e-commerce:

1) Open-source in Nature :

The Main advantage of Prestashop is that it does not require any additional license to handle it’s store and also source code of it’s available on website. So that, we can easily use all the new features and functionality of it.

2) Easy to understand :

Unlike others ecommerce platforms, It is easy to understand the functionality. There are no additional experts required to teach you the workflow of Prestashop e-commerce software.

3) Multi-Language support :

Prestashop supports various languages, which is around in range of 40 to 45 with multi – currency support also.

4) Lightweight-In-Nature :

Prestashop is lightweight in nature, so there is less installation cost required to establish a new server.

5) Improve Functionality :

In latest Prestashop, there are so many new features introduced like integration with bootstrap 3.0, user friendly look up, 2000+ mobile responsive theme, 25000+ plugins available for adding desired functionality to our websites and user friendly add to cart features.

6) SEO Friendly :

The code generated by Prestashop is very easy to understand for the user, so that we can easily control the URLs, Page Titles and Descriptions. Due to it’s simplicity, the page rank and search engine optimization (SEO) rank is rapidly improved.

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