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I’m a passionate and experienced Graphic / Web / UX Designer with a proven track record of creating highly engaging, visually appealing, and intuitive designs. I’m highly skilled at creating logos, websites, and mobile apps, as well as developing user-friendly interfaces that take into account user needs.

I have taken some certifications for complement to my graphic design creativity:

* Content Marketing
* Master in WordPress ude.my/UC-6b92c072-9422-43a0-8341-ff274371c189/
* UX/UI Design Experience + Figma ude.my/UC-dd81548e-7e48-44ff-b6da-673089a8b3cb
* Master in SEO and SEM ude.my/UC-JHNWPJIV
* Sales strategy on Instagram (up to 10000 active followers) ude.my/UC-VXU4U1IA
* Graphic Design Bootcamp 2018 ude.my/UC-MA7CGW2V
* Master in digital photo retouching ude.my/UC-HNE1Z2GX
* Community Manager ude.my/UC-0SI0RU35
* Master in social media marketing: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus ude.my/UC-NHAIJOJP
* Inbound marketing ude.my/UC-K773M6TL
* Copywriting & Storytelling ude.my/UC-e10b5a3e-aa42-4d51-89b2-f845e566a9f7
* Instagram sales strategies ude.my/UC-VXU4U1IA
* The law with a purpose: A life with meaning
* Creation and automation of internet radio station
* Online Store With WooCommerce From Scratch
* Email marketing

My services:
As graphic designer I can do:
[+] Logotypes, branding, advertising, prints, brochures, infographics, etc… (all u can imagine, I can do it)
[+] Illustrations: cartoons, vectorizing, watercolor, etc…. Digital or hand draw.
[+] Web design: landing pages, complete websites, e-commerce sites, e-learning sites, booking sites, under WordPress, Unbounce, WooCommerce, Shopify, Ecuwid, Wix, Shopify, etc…
[+] T-shirt designs.
[+] PowerPoint’s templates designs.
[+] Figma and Adobe XD design
[+] Social media
[+] NFt Design
[+] Instagram and TikTok reels
[+] 3D design (building my portfolio)
[+] Email design for campaigns

I have a great eye for detail and I understand how to combine aesthetics with functionality. I’m adept at creating wireframes, prototypes, and engaging user experiences that meet user needs as well as business goals. My work has been featured in various publications, and I’m always keeping up with the latest trends in technology and design.

I am highly motivated and goal-oriented. I work well under pressure and I am comfortable working independently or in teams. I am also always looking for new ways to improve my skills, including learning new technologies and staying up-to-date on industry trends.

And yes, each skill described here I can demonstrate it!

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